FatBoiz Live On Stage 2018

Fatboiz Live on stage is a yearly event of the Fatboiz Comedy brand and this year’s edition Happens to be the first of its kind and for that reason its to be hoosted in a school campus.

This Year’s event is tagged ‘Sudents Edition’ and it is designed to Entertain and Educate the students on the importance of Talent and how to go about it as a Student.
The event is an all round entertainment but focuses more on 100% Comedy with music, Dance and spoken words.

This Year’s edition is going to feature the likes of AKPORORO, MARK ANGEL, OVIE, EDO PIKIN, FREEMOUTH, Bethran, MC Earthwarm, Mc Evans, MC 2flexi, Ec Comedy, Brenda Patrick, Wonder J, Davio White, Mr Kell, DaveSax, DeVirus Dancers and Lots more.

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