Comedy Skit: Trouble Maker ep 3. (FunkyGuyzComedy)

by Ibrahim Belloon October 17, 2016
Very funny comedy by funkyguyzcomedy..I bet you must laugh.This comedy is titled trouble maker episode 3.Kingzy the CEO is the trouble maker we are taking about. Lol!!! Enjoy. Download Here

Comedy: Yanbaba – Selfie Laughs Season 5 Episode 3 – ‘Jesus Pinged’

by Ibrahim Belloon August 4, 2016
Is Yanbaba again!….and guess what?…He is going Gospel this time around, he calls this Episode “Jesus Pinged” Most of us dont know that Mr Yanbaba started from the church, and he is dedicating this one tohis Church Fan Base. In this one, Ace Comedian Yanbaba wants to show us where Jesus Pinged in the Bible […]

Selfie Laughs Season 5 Episode 2 – ‘Papa’s Legacy’ with Comedian @Yanbaba11 [DOWNLOAD || WATCH]

by Ibrahim Belloon July 15, 2016
Will this guy ever get tired?…..I think the answer is “NO”..Our very own Yanbaba is here again with Selfie Laughs Season 5 Episode 2 called “Papa’s Legacy” For the first time Yanbaba is telling us about what his late fathertells him each time he appears in his dream DOWNLOAD BELOW Download HereIf you cannot see […]

Selfie Laughs Season 5 Episode 1 – ‘My Igbo Teacher’ @Yanbaba11

by Ibrahim Belloon June 30, 2016
Comedian Yanbaba is back with Selfie Laughs Season 5 after premiering his first episode of “Ordeals of Yanbaba” [Click HERE]. He called this one “My Igbo Teacher”…He is once again taking us back to his funny encounters while in primary school Download Here

New Skit: Sugar Mummy Hustle [Part 1] Ft. LOLO1” | @officiallolo1 @BLACKLINKS

by Ibrahim Belloon April 13, 2016
New comedy skit featuring LOLO1 of WAZOBIA FM. Enjoy!!!

Comedy Skit: Holy Communion (Solo-T Comedy)

by Ibrahim Belloon March 12, 2016
You got to be laughing out loud after watching this Hilarious comedy skit…..!…Check it out DOWNLOAD VIDEO.MP4 DOWNLOAD VIDEO.3GP

Hilarious Comedy Skit- Sim Registration by Solo-T Comedy (Video)

by Ibrahim Belloon March 7, 2016
Watch this hilarious comedy skit from the stable of Solo-T comedy……Enjoy!